With the help of the capito team at consultancy company atempo, SIMACEK Facility Management Group GmbH has developed a version of our code of conduct that meets the TÜV standard for accessible information: the “Leicht lesen” (easy read) mark. To learn more about atempo and capito, please visit www.atempo.at.

The term “Leicht lesen” (easy read) is used to describe information that can be easily read and understood by people with learning disabilities. It requires companies to think about how to overcome these barriers and make their information more accessible. For example, people who are completely illiterate can be provided with information in an audio format. Or for those who have trouble reading difficult texts, the relevant material can be rewritten in more straightforward language. For the visually impaired, it helps if information is presented in bold, bright colours – and so on. These are just some of the ways companies can break down the barriers that many people face.